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How to Print on Journal Cards

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Hello all!   I get this question so many times:  "I have all these journal cards... Now what?"   or  "I hate my handwriting, how can I print my journaling onto my cards?" 


Well I am here to solve all of your problems.  In this tutorial we will be using Photoshop to make a template and then easily print out our stories onto our plethora of hoarded cards!  


Step 1: Create your template (You can use this over and over again!) I have included my template for your use below! 

-Open a "New document"  as a standard 8.5x11 paper. 

Step 2: If you are creating your own you can use the shape tool to draw in the size of the card(s) you are going to use.  Here I created a template that houses BOTH horizontal and vertical 3x4 and 4x6 cards.  **Note** the reason the vertical card is 2 different colors is so that I can see the 3x4 horizontal card if I choose to use that size and orientation of the card.**

If you want this template as is, you can download it HERE.  

Step 3: Choose the journal card you are going to print on and note whether there is any design or words you want to avoid printing on.  Hide the layer that states what the journal card size is by clicking the eyeball next to the layer.  Select the text tool and draw a box where you want the journaling to go on the card, over the template image that you will be using. 

Step 4: Hide all the layers except your journaling.



Step 5: Adhere your journal card to your PRINTED template with washi tape. Place in your printer the correct way (usually face down and top first)


Step 6: Remove card from template and use on your layout or in your pocket page!  


Easy right?  

This tutorial works the same in Word and other programs.  Just simply draw a text box the right size and print out as a template.  Follow all other instructions the same!   





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