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13 Different Uses for Journal Cards on a 12x12 Layout

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So you have all of these amazing journal cards, now what?  We have been working hard on challenges and ways to use your journal cards other than the pocket style scrapping.  Check out our list and examples below: 


1) Print on them... skies the limit here.  Print journaling, pictures, doodles, clip art.  Use this handy tutorial and PSE template on how to orient your cards and make for super quick printing!  

2) Use them as mats for photos or backgrounds for embellishing. 

In this example I have added some embellishments to some mini 2x2 journal cards as the page decoration. 

3) Use the journal card as the title of your page.

Here you can see that I used a digitally designed card and made it the title of my page: 

4) Cut pieces of the journal cards and use them as embellishments for your layout.  

Here you can see that Stacy used these adorable kitty journal cards and cut different parts of them for the embellishments on her page: 


5) Add a personal touch by doodling around the journal cards.  Expand horizons by painting the edges or stamping on them as well! 

You can see from above Stacy added her own touch to these cards and embellishments by doodling around them as well!  

6) Get creative and turn a journal card it's opposite orientation.  If it is a vertical 3x4 card, use it as a horizontal one!  

This is a fantastic example by Amy where she turned the orientation of the card, used them inside a pocket, layered them, and printed on them to track daily information! 

7) Use a larger journal card as a pocket.  

This lovely page by Emma illustrates how to use both the card as a pocket and add some stamping to make it the perfect title for your layout. 

8) Use a journal card as a tag!  You can even trim the edges and add a ribbon to it! 

Dee not only made her 3x4 journal card a tag but cut around the edges of a 4x6 card and added some decorative washi to make a pocket!  

9) Use a card as a filler or decoration on a page. 

Use several journal cards like Emma did across the bottom to layer and stager rather than cutting new pattern papers. 


10) Track daily goals and life events.  

Dee used her cards to make lists and draw charts about the things she has set goals for!  Excellent example resource for looking back on and a beautiful display! 


11) Die cut and use the negative from the card as an embellishment or tittle. 

12) Layer them for fun added effects. 

13) Use the cards to make individual embellishments or tags.  

14) Make cards for special occasions. Trimming down a 4x6 card or just using it as a card front to send a message is a great way to use those sayings or fillers we don't typically know what to do with. 


Now that you have a few ideas let's stop hoarding our cards and make some room for new ones... you know you want to!  

Be sure to share your creations with us, can't wait to see what you create!  

~Happy Scrappin~ 


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