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Week 1: Make Your Own Embellishments

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Each week we are going to use bits and pieces to include scraps to make our own embellishments.  No need to spend upwards of $3.99 for all those cutesie embellies on the shelves!  We are perfectly capable of making just as unique items that actually fit the pages we are making rather than buying and hoarding the bits and baubles that are all the rage.  Follow along with me during the month where we will cover using your punches, stamps, and random letters to make 30 different beautiful embellishments!   

All of these embellishments are super fun and easy.  I wanted to keep the embellishment making simple so I limited myself to things that were close by.  Meaning I utilized scraps and the little pile of "things"  I have pulled out for pages and didn't use so I toss into a cup... random buttons or bakers twine. For all of the examples below I used some stamps, word bits, enamel dots, rhinestones, buttons, washi tape.... the possibilities are endless if you just look around and grab bits and pieces to assemble.

1- Paper Clip Banners: ANY paperclips that you have laying around are quickly transformed into these clipable banners for pictures, tags, or any part of your pages.



1) Stamp (flag 1), punch (flag 3), or die cut (flag 2) some shapes.  

2) Scor a small edge about 1/8-1/4" from the top to fold over the paper clip.  Adhere together to keep in place.  

*As you can see on the ticket shape I tiny stapled instead of adding adhesive!* 

3) Grab random pieces from your stash and embellish:  buttons, enamel dots...

 Here are some items I used:  



2- Tassels 

Steps:  Paper clip ribbons

1) Cut 3 pieces of ribbon about 3 inches each.  

2) Make a loop from the ribbon center and feed through paperclip so the loop sticks out one side.  

3) Pull ends through to knot themselves on paperclip. 

Steps for the Tassel: 

1) Cut about 3 feet of bakers twine or embroider floss. 

2) Wrap in loops around fingers about 2" apart. 

3) Using the loose end, wrap between fingers and around the main loops several times.  

4) Tie both loose ends together AFTER feeding through top of loop.

5) Use scissors to cut the loop ends and create the final tassel look. 


3- Buttons and Paper Clips

These are super quick and fun.  Simply find some large rhinestones or buttons and adhere with hot glue or glue dots.  Here I tied some ribbon and bakers twine to the clips just under the buttons.  You can even tie through the button holes as I did for the green clip!  

4- Layered Punches and Paper clips


For these layered clips use your punches and cut out shapes from scraps laying around.  I added things like ribbon, twine, rhinestones, and words previously used and handy to bling them up some!  Give it a whirl!  


5- Cork Sheets


I found these adhesive cork sheets for $1 at JoAnn's on an end cap.  I used my punches to create shapes and then added on some embellishments from the April 2015 embellishment kit... veneers, enamel dots, flowers, and twine.  

6- Tags / Word Strips


 Finally for this week some hand made word strips and tags.  I simply found a roller stamp and grabbed some colored inks.  After I stamped a few phrases on some white cardstock I trimmed them down, dug through my scraps, and added them onto some random papers.  For the blue one I left the word strip free to dangle and show dimension on the page.   For the "I Love you lots" I dig out my eyelets and used a heart one to secure the strip to the pattern paper.  Then I hand cut the flag shape on both.  Lastly for the "Hello Sunshine"  I adhered the phrase with a paper clip, added some ribbon and hand trimmed the ends.  then I added some gold rhinestones and Voila... DONE!  

It took me about 2 hours from start to finish to hand make all 18 of these embellishments and that was with no design in mind.  I used up almost all of my "loose scraps" from pages where I meant to use a button but it didn't work so I tossed it into the cup and now I have a cup of beautiful embellishments that I can add to pages or cards!   

Which is your favorite?  Please share what you make using these ideas!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  Stay tuned because we have 7 more ideas next week 

~Happy Scrappin'~

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