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Week In the Life: Monday

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So I had this GRAND idea of how this week was supposed to go, the pictures I would take, and how it would all come together. I had originally decided to do it last week because I felt inspired so began the heavy documenting and photo taking.  Then about half way through the week it fizzled.  John left with kelsey and it was just me and Taryn. Then Taryn went to LA with my sister for some auntie time... see where I am going with this.  I ended up giving up *sigh* another project down the tubes.  


Then the official WITL began this Monday, I felt like a sunken battleship because I already tried and failed.  (Lesson #1, too much expectation) But I decided to pep up "Hey!!  Clean slate we can do this...!"  (Lesson #2.. try try again!) So I began to document... again.  Boy if you thought this week was tough to do once, try back to back!  Geesh.... so this time I was super focused on the words and timing of everything NAILED IT, until I went to do the photos... *facepalm* seriously... I had barely taken any.   (Lesson #3... too much focus on one task= *kaboom* I sunk another battleship) But clearly this is important to me.. to my family.  I have followed Ali Edwards' post and albums for years seen other people accomplish this it CAN be done!  I need to do this...!  So I decided to *cheat* since I did so great with photos last week and words this week I am combining what works.  Using the words from now and the pics to fill in; because you know we are all about routine here.. ha!  ;) 


Without further ado here is Monday of Week in the Life: 


Baby girl usually wakes me between 5-7am for a morning milk guzzle.  About 60% of the time I can get her back to sleep which means a bit more shut eye time for me too!  Not today.  633am was when she decided the day was to begin! 


After some breakfast and Doc Mcstuffins I decided it was nap time, I LOVE nap time.  Here is Kelsey's response, I am sure her translation goes along these lines:  I can sleep here Mom, it's ok we don't have to go to the nursery.  9:55am, Mom wins and it's down for a bit of quiet time. Don't worry I nap too! It's my favorite part of the day.  Although I do watch a little of my favorite show before I actually doze off.  Right now I am binge watching "Leverage."  I can't WAIT until fall TV comes back!  I am running out of Hulu shows!  



Before naps are over for the littles I decided to give Taryn a taste of AWESOME and surprise karate attack her.  She didn't know all these years I have been given an honorary Mommy Blackbelt so I decided to let her know today ;)  



Kelsey must have heard the commotion because she woke up not long after  1:50pm I walk in and she hands me her favorite nap time friends and blankets before she reaches up for me to lift her out. 


Taryn is BIG into Minecraft videos right now so we end up watching a few... I am finally getting why they play this game. It is kind of cool.  I would never play it but I am slowly figuring it out and even put a few comments or questions in here and there!  Today: It would be so much better if you could dig UNDER the ground to the other islands and get the other players that way.  I may be in this too deep for being a parent!  During this time Kelsey decides to smack me in the face with her juice cup... not as awesome as it sounds!  Off to time out.. a newish thing around here.  


If looks could pierce your soul right?  OUCH!  After nearly a 6 minute battle to get her to sit for one minute, we succeeded.  Until she decided to "Time out" Raffe... at this point I feel like my near 2 year old is mocking me.... can you see the disgust on her face about how awful Raffe was?  I don't even know what he did... poor guy



Finally nearing the end of the mini people's day so time for the routine part... bath time, food time, bed time!  5-530 it's typical bath time, immediately following is dinner.  I don't why I can't learn my lesson and do dinner first and then a bath... think about it.  Would you feed spaghetti to a 21 month old after a squeaky clean bath?  I will never learn. 


 Of course we cannot forget the obligatory toddler running away from mommy butt naked dragging her towel.  


If you know me at all I am not exactly "type A" parent exhibit A:  While nursing Alyssa I looked down thinking "Oh how sweet she is holding my arm.. she loves me.  Only to be surprised to see the following:  


 (I may not put this in the actual album, but I couldn't keep it to myself either)


A little bit of sister chatter, and then some screen time for Taryn, which ended in a conversation where I got "Hashtagged"  and then off she went to a sleepover down the street. 



#youreawesome #cool #goodnight Oh yes, that just happened!  


After the everyone was asleep I worked on some 7in7 for the group, made a page, and stayed up wayyyy too late cleaning and organizing stuff, a never ending process...Never. Ending! 




Finally I found some stuff to purge... after losing a little dead weight I decide to head to bed 1237am.  

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  • Comment Link Amy Paegel %PM, %23 %673 %2015 %15:%Aug posted by Amy Paegel

    Wow - impressively thorough journaling!!! And a really beautiful pic of you :)

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