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Week in the life: Tuesday

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Today was a little bit easier to document..although I forgot a lot of pictures it was all about survival and getting through the busy moments. 


Being as how I didn't go to bed until Tuesday was already in progress this was a bit of a surprise 352am.  She is lucky she's cute!  I don't know how she figures out I have to be up early in the morning but she sure makes sure that sleep isn't top priority! 


721am Taryn came home from her sleepover.  All night I wondered if it was a test of my parenting or of her growing up by allowing her to spend the night at her friends house when we had to be up and present so early in the morning.... a sigh of relief when I didn't have to figure out who failed me or her. Successfully out the door by 810am to head to middle school orientation where we were given a task sheet... pictures, payments for gym clothes, locks for lockers, text book pickup, emergency card drop off, and finally the brand new Chromebook pick up.  




 This was the most highly anticipated moment I think.  Getting the locker assignments and then of course learning to do a combination lock. 



We stood in line for nearly an hour to retrieve this coveted item I wish I could say it was as exciting as a ride at Disney once we got to the front.  It was not, a lot of questions like "How as a parent do I keep her safe?  How do I monitor what she is doing? Why does the school get to choose when my 11 year old child is thrown into the world wide 'interweb' (family joke) and not me?" 


We came home at 1040am where power was out in the neighborhood.. planned transformer update.  I forgot all about it!  So we grabbed some stuff I needed to mail and went to the post office, filled up the gas tank, grabbed some Wendy's and then zipped off to Pick up the man and kiddo from the airport. (See what I mean about forgetting to take pics.. yeah I got nothing... ugh) 


Highways were empty... phew! I HATE driving so this was acceptable. 



 A quick stop at IKEA and the book store before we picked up John and Kelsey from the airport.  I should have done this last week when we dropped them off because it made me late to pick them up, shame on me! I would have been disappointed if he had been late and I had to wait on the curb and fetch bags with a sleepy toddler.  


 I loved this book at the book store as that is how I am feeling a lot lately.... a to do list of to do stuff... and projects galore just stacking up. *sigh* 


Welcome home Kelsey-kins and dad!  It was a quiet 5 days without you! 


A snack for me while John napped and Kelsey double napped, she STILL has the runny nose and congestion... ugh.  John had to scurry off to work after his short snooze.That was quick "hello, goodbye" Work is NOT going well right now, so I feel bad watching him walk out the door and knowing he is unhappy.  It will get better, it always gets better.  Right?   I woke up Kelsey so she would go to bed not too late outside of normal. 



Taryn tends to important tween business... when did she get so big?  As the littlest of the crew practices her vocals and spends some time "screaming" and talking to me. 



Nothing too exciting for dinner, left overs.. chicken made into quesadillas with more fruit and some green beans.  


More bad TV for me and computer time for the kid.  Pretty basic day no school summer evening. 








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