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Week in the life: Wednesday

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Same ol' same ol start, too early of a morning... baby feeding and then a hope for a snooze on the couch.  John went for a short run... this marathon training ain't for the birds!  


He left by 1030 for work- a lot of playing these days as work is just not what is used to be.  A little bit of Doc McStuffins for the little. 



Then a nap.. for all of us.  


137pm: After naps I finally gave Kelsey her new Super girl / Princess set I bought months ago... she loved it!  


 212pm: It was a late lunch and I decided to try out the Bumbo for the baby... we aren't quite there yet, but close.  It worked for the 10 minutes I needed to help kelsey and get lunch ready. 



Kelsey insisted baby dress up in her costume too... and then she decided "why can't i be a super hero and a princess?" (in my words) I mean seems legit. 





405pm: About now I try to get some work done.. all while getting a make over.  When that fails she closes my computer or hits the power button.  Point taken that was a long 10 min stretch anyways ;) 


While Taryn was playing outside we have had a major family development.  Her "father" has voluntarily requested his parental rights be terminated.  It was a shock to us all... not that he has been an upstanding role model or even present in her life for the last year or longer.  It doesn't make the shock and heartbreak for this poor girl any less.  


Good thing her pal was her to help sweep up the pieces and invited her to a sleep over.  It was a hard decision because I wanted to keep her home and cuddle her all night but when I saw the smiles and silliness her friend provided I decided it was exactly what she needed.  Off she went with promises of texts to check in. 



6pm: Time for double diapers, which is a frequent thing around here.  I have found a good way to keep all the kids in arms length and get it done quickly.  This is what it looks like:  Kelsey asking for lotion to put on baby, while baby lays there and giggles during her turn.  



Kelsey is quickly shipped off to bed, the quiet slowly creeps in.  


Make some phone calls regarding the new "event" in which I end up heating and reheating the same beef enchiladas about 3 times.  Finally at 8pm I sit down to eat dinner, and they are too spicy.  Weird I liked them 2 weeks ago... finally a bowl of cereal of it is.  My life is hilarious! 


Baby is still wide awake and has eyeballs that resemble a scene from "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" where I look like a juicy steak.  She gnaws on my hand and eventually wants the real deal... 


And then she falls asleep in my arms... the day is officially over when she is down for the count! 



I have no energy to do my own thing which became apperant when I walked to the craft table looked down and immediately turned and walked away. so I settle in with my nightly routine with a glass of milk, 4 double stuff oreos, and some Hulu: currently "Leverage"  I can't wait till fall TV returns!  








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