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Week in the Life: Friday

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Snuck in a quick hug at 350am when the boy finally came home after a long, long summer away.  I am so happy to wake up and have the whole family together again.  My heart can resume it's normal rhythm. 


Shipped Kelsey up to get a morning hug, she was sooo happy to see "buh-buh" and he happily awoke after only 6 hours of sleep to see her and everyone else.  Everyone slept in late... even kelsey.  She isn't feeling 100% so it was nice to sleep without interruption until now!  


I decided to run out and grab chocolate chips last minute to make a welcome home breakfast... I realized when I got to CVS that I was in my PJs still and hadn't even checked if my eye makeup was running down my face, but the hurry was to make sure John wasn't late for his "dude weekend" he's been looking forward to it for weeks. 



Both babes were screaming and crying BEFORE John even left.. this was going to be awful I could feel the storm brewing in.  Almost as soon as he left at 930am, it was immediately nap time.  No hesitation Kelsey went down and Alyssa and I fell asleep on the couch.. for HOURS!  We all needed it. 


248pm Kelsey has has almost no appetite all week.. I am now puzzled if this is the whole "phase" thing where they say no to everything but cookies or if this is her not feeling well.  She did sleep for nearly ever so I am voting "not feeling well"... at least Lambie now has a seat at the table and he is eating her granola bar.  That will be easy to clean up later! 



Today was a day FULL of naps and resting and lots of TV... intertwined with a lot of whining and crying and older kids boredom. 






I felt awful too added in exhausted, weird to feel exhausted when we all sat around all day but no one is feeling up to par this day so it makes sense.  Headaches and constantly trying to calm one or the other of the babes is just tiring.  Oh and if I get puked on ONE. MORE. TIME... right?  


After many many hours of computer time for the big littles,  I announce that we need a timer system because the girl has hogged it from the boy and that wasn't fair.  Insert eye roll from said tween, and my shoulder shrug.. ok two can play this game.  Computer off!  #momforthewin 


I decide tonight I am NOT cooking anything it's one of our famous "red box" nights.. aka TV dinners the kids can prep by themselves. 




 Trying to get the kids back into routine.. I quickly announce "Bed TIME" at like 850pm... I put a fussy baby down as well.  Within seconds of me sitting down I hear taryn crying.  I sit here for a good 7 minutes before I dig deep to muster up any form of strength and motherhood courage to walk into her room knowing exactly what is coming.  I cannot imagine her pain and hurt from her "father" basically writing her off, but honestly he is a loser who hasn't been anything remotely resembling a father in oh... a long long time.  I don't want to "bash" the guy but I don't have the strength to deal with it... I suck it up and go for it.  25 minutes later I am out, tearful hugs and many promising words.  That girl is awesome, how could he break her like that!  I am furious.  But before I can head to examine those thoughts what is that noise...?!!  Oh, a baby crying, again you say?  YES, of course.  It's a baby crying.. today rocks   sucks!!  

 This is one minute... and then the next... for like 2 more hours!!  

 Finally 11pm she sleeps... I put her in my bed, along with the laundry and box of gifts from phoenix last week, and go to watch some more mindless TV... because why?  I can't think about anything anymore... I am clocking out.  goodnight. 




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