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Week in the Life: Saturday

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I woke up at 243am and wander to the bed.  I sneak into the bed careful not to wake a quietly sleeping baby!  As I slither under the covers I look over and ask myself "when did I become a co sleeping parent?"  NONE of my other babes were given this status of being able to sleep in the bed with me time after time, or nursing to sleep.  I am sure I am setting myself up for trouble but she can't sleep in the nursery with Kelsey because Kelsey refuses to sleep and instead goes bonkers and jump up and down like a monkey in her crib until she wakes up "bay-bee."  Hmm... 


I love this baby pose, reminds me of a froggy.  Her legs all silly like that!  oh my heart.... I will cuddle you till you are 18 if you can sleep so cute baby girl! 


Well I make it into bed and decide to peruse the interweb (see like I said family joke) and realize I haven't done anything for my WITL and while I look at other people's blogs via Ali Edwards' blog I start to feel like a "failure" because I am comparing my pics and stories to theirs... and then at about 315am I realize what I am doing.  and STOP... reset and think of how great their stories are and how mine is JUST as good... deep breath, and set up a plan...!  Oh but all the pictures I missed... guess what, it's ok.  I don't need every second I just want a view of the week.  There is always next year!  


Now it's 327am.. no sign of sleep.  436am.. law and order is on.. ooh i like this show... still on interweb, taking notes on my phone... and wondering when I will sleep again my window is getting small to get quality sleep.. they will all be awake soon.. and he  is not home to help!  
























Finally about 515am, back to sleep... then it happens 745am.. this looks promising right?  Look at that happy face! (kidding!) 

 Right after this she is begging for "buh-buh" again.. I decide to start the day off like yesterday. Hoist her up into his bunk and let her get some hugs and kisses... he was a good sport yesterday on no sleep today will be awesome.. and hey maybe I will get that pic I missed!  Oh but wait only minutes later a tired boy hides under his blanket... hmm this isn't going well... I suggest he gives a quick hug and we will retreat and let him sleep. Then it happens... both kids collide and are in tears!  Kelsey smashed her face and is in pain, Cayden feels at fault, and I burst into tears, after the disaster that was yesterday today CAN NOT start like this!!! I reassure Cayden it was my fault and console both children only to quickly retreat into my room to cry myself.  I HATE THIS!!! 



I pull myself together, to find Taryn reading (yay) and snippet whining to go out.. If I repeat "Snippet needs to go outside to pee as soon as you guys wake up or she will pee in the house." One more time.. I am gonna make her sit in their rooms till she pees in there and not in MY scrappy space.. again!  



I try to break the rhythm.. I am the decider of how today goes, not the events... I cannot let today be like yesterday.. I can choose.  Quickly I snap.. i tell john not to text me all day.   I don't have the strength to play nice with him while he is happily tossing frisbees and drinking beer and we are all on edge and crying... no not today.  


And then some days it's a frozen "raffle" and foot in your bowl while watching cartoons for breakfast kind of day... #keepthepeace #choosemybattles #pleaseeatsomethingtoday

 After a LONG nap period.. thank heavens.  We head out to make good on my promise to the big littles.  We will finally get chocolate chips for the belated welcome home meal for Cayden.  While we are out since dad is gone the big decision is which sugary no good cereal can the kids get... guess what you can have both.  Mom is the best...!!!  HA! 

 We did get SOME good food.. ;) 

315pm  Off to subway promise #2, no meltdowns in like 18 minutes... we might make it.  Although let me add "Kelsey please sit down" to my list of repeat sayings for the day.. we managed about 1,604 during this 22 minute subway trip.  


Oh look Taryn is still reading.. AWESOME!  



512pm Trying to get back into routine.. bath time right on schedule 515.  As a busy mother who is often juggling the household alone due to work schedules I find it so much easier to multitask simple things... i.e. showers and bathing babes.  



 Although the aftermath is a little difficult when she is still not 100% but hey if I gotta dress her backwards I will.... I flipped her more than a buttermilk pancake to get those pajamas on but we finally got them on!  


Hallelujah ... she is FINALLY eating.  



 6pm.. yeah she is ready for bed.  NOT!  



745pm a late bringer from a late lunch.. welcome home buddy we missed you!  Chocolate chip pancakes, eggs with cheese, cinnamon rolls, and a treat strawberries with whipped cream! YUMMY 



Remember who was NOT sleepy at all, well I found a soft spot in my Grinchy little heart and let her join us for brinner of course she is back to not eating but she was full of giggles and smiles, finally. 


Those two are peas in a pod I tell ya!  

848pm.. kelsey in bed for the final time.  Kids get to finish their umpteenth YouTube video about Minecraft.  


1015pm all kids are in bed. I finish my post by 1020pm, retreat to the bedroom to hide out.  John is due home any minute and I picked one heck of a fight today while he was 6 hours away.  It's not a good decision of mine I am sure but the balance in the force is off, and the only way I know how to fix it is to throw some ugly punches.  I know I am hurt and sad and he doesn't see that.  It's a guy thing I think.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe he is wrong...  it's a marriage.  Two sides to every story.  I don't want to deal with it tonight, we can figure it out tomorrow after a good night sleep!  


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  • Comment Link Amy Paegel %PM, %23 %930 %2015 %21:%Aug posted by Amy Paegel

    wow, it don't get realer than that. Thanks for sharing your stories.

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