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Week in the Life: Sunday

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Phew I did it.. all 7 days.  In hindsight I think "not bad for my first year" I know next year what to do differently.  What different pics I missed out on this time that I want to remember for next time.. but all in all I am very pleased.  I think I captured the essentials of what our life currently looks like... or close to it. I got the words down and the pics taken.  So for me, that's a win. 


Today's pics and words:  


Started like most this week. A few mid morning feedings, as usual baby cakes was in bed with me.  I woke up with Kelsey's cold or whatever was bothering her in full throttle. Bummer.  It was also a sadder awakening than most at 745am today because I was alone in bed.  Not because John wasn't home but the "space,"  ... the space I needed to get sleep and recoup from our differences.  I woke up a little burned still but told myself we made good headway in our text chat and he was giving me time which is what I asked for.  I woke up to a half empty bed.. it was sad.  I don't want to do that again.  Let's fix this.  



I went to the nursery and told myself today I will capture the things I want to remember in a year, a decade, when my children have children.  First up the smiles and excitement that Kelsey has when she wakes up... it is lifting.  No matter what you feel like (and note today I feel awful in so many ways) she lights you up.  As usual here she is handing me all of her buddies.




 I cracked up because I put Allie on the chair while I changed kelsey as I looked over she was just hanging out.. too tiny to be what she was but content enough to sit a minute. 



 I wanted to remember the hugs kelsey gives after she is all changed and ready for the day. 



I wanted to remember how much I LOVE the sound of those little feet kicking 100 MPH and how that diaper crinkles and sounds when she is going crazy.  Look she kicked so much her sock fell off! 



 I wanted to remember this face when she is figuring things out.  or this face when I tell her for the umpteen millionth time to "SIT DOWN." 



 I wanted to remember that I don't get many sick days but today I am taking advantage of both John having a day off and his trying to make up to me the last 36 hours of chaos, so I spent almost the whole day in bed.  I got up twice for about a half hour.. but it was a lot of rest today.  


and this... I spend HOURS feeding this child.  It seems endless, I both look forward to moving to the next stage and try to be grateful that this part of motherhood comes easy to me, that not many can pull of non stop nursing and pumping.  I am a lucky one. 



 I want to remember how "girlie" Kelsey is how she loves to copy mama, and how sweet taryn is to put up with it. She is NOT girlie.  I want to remember how rarely Taryn asks me to do her hair.. it's always ponytails for my little tom boy... and how dirty my mirror is.  Once again, thank you kelsey for all your little prints and kisses to yourself!  


 I want to remember that sometimes even when you feel like crap you need to get up and go... go back to school clothes shopping.  Sometimes Newton's law "what stays at rest will stay at rest unless you put it in motion" applies... I felt better after I got up, I mean it was 315pm after all! 



 I want to remember that my 8 year old son made me turn around and face the corner when he tried on his jeans... 


 ..and how as soon as he gave me back my phone I snuck a pic anyways.  One day he will kill me when he finds out this is on the interweb.  For now it's our secret.. haha! 



 I want to remember he is ALL BOY and that when he was done, that dope actually put his pants on inside out and wandered Target with me for about 20 minutes before I noticed.  I wish I could say this was the first time this has happened. 



I want to remember that I was in charge of laundry and John does the dishes. 




 615pm I want to remember that in this day where the kids fight over computer time and iPod time and anything with a screen we do our best to have family dinners.  No TV, no Phones, just us. 




 I want to remember that Kelsey is growing so fast, she just got a "big girl" chair today.. one she cannot stand in!  (or hasn't figured that out yet)  




 I want to remember today as Alyssa's FIRST solid meal, rice cereal.. i think she likes it!  



 705pm I want to remember that Kelsey is suffering from terrible gestro problems and cries every time she has to potty... it's awful and helpless.  But tonight Daddy made it better with a standing bedtime story. 




820pm I want to remember that Cayden is so creative. He spent all day drawing robots. 




 I want to remember that moment I recreated a picture my dad has where he balanced me as a baby on his hand and how awesome it felt.. ps.  she LOVED it! (so did the big kids) 




I want to remember that ONE time my job had me working from home.. haha. And that I got three 100% on my tests, and how John asked me the answer to a question and I was wrong and he got 290% double ha! 




I want to remember that ^^^ is my job and this is my passion.. this makes me happy! 





I want to remember that I LOVE my evening treat.. and I love my routine.  



 And finally I wanted to remember that less than 24 hours later everything is fine again.  Hubby and I ended the night with a brand new series... *squeal* I love ZOMBIES and even had a few kisses while we sat in the dark wondering what was going to happen next.. who was going to turn first and if we were going to keep watching.  The answer... YES!  ;) 



I want to remember this week, the right now, the who is who and what is what.  I want to remember how much we all love each other and how silly we are.  I think I did a pretty good job.... and now I sleep with a non empty half of the bed and have scrappy dreams about putting my album together.  The words and pictures are here and that is the most important.  


1120pm.  I am off to bed.  Thank you and goodnight! 


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