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Silhouette Tutorials: Kiss Cutting Stickers / Print and Cut features

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So you have a Silhouette machine...WOOHOO!  Let me guess, unless you buy the item from the Silhouette store to cut out it doesn't get used much right? 


WRONG...!  I am going to help fix the fear factor in using your Silhouette!  I know I was there too...


"Wow there's a lot of buttons.. what do they do?"


 "How do I make these things that people are posting on their blog / pinterest?" 


"Change the settings... yeah, um, no thank you!" 


"Well I tried that and it didn't work... I'm just going to stick to quick simple cuts."


Sound familiar?  I have been there.. the trials and errors, the fails, the frustrations. It is all very daunting and makes you sometimes just not want to do it.  But think about when you first started scrapping.. "ooh what is a cropadile?  An eyelet... say what!?"  "line the punches up how to make a border?"  And yet we kept at it until we mastered it!  Now we are pros!  I am going to unlock the fun of the Silhouette and you will love it!  Ready?  Here we go!


Today we are going to tackle the elusive "Print and Cut" - primarily with sticker paper as now SIU 365 offers monthly planner stickers all set up for you to use with your Silhouette! 


1-First you are going to take the PNG file of your stickers and open them in your Silhouette software.


2-Open the registration marks menu and turn them to "ON" once you see the hatch marks and registration marks, align your file to fit within this and the red cut line boundaries.




3- Print page on sticker paper WITH registration marks.


4-Open the Trace menu, click "Select trace area" and draw a box around all of the images on your screen.  *BE SURE NOT to move the elements on the page at this point.  They are already calibrated and printed, you will have to reprint the sheet!**



5- UNCHECK the "High pass filter" box, and then change the threshold (I go all the way to 100) and scale upwards (around 30-50) until all of the items are "yellow" in color. Once it is all SOLID as shown below, click "Trace outer edge"

This process is a little bit tedious because you have to toggle the bars until it has a "smoothish" edge. don't worry it looks awful in yellow, it will be a smooth line when you hit "trace"




Once you hit "trace outer edge" you will see red lines around your images.  These are the cut lines! 


6- Change the settings under the cut menu as follows:

-White sticker paper (at the bottom of materials)

-Blade 3

-speed 4

-Thickness 18

**Be sure to change the blade depth on the blade itself!**




7- I would suggest doing a "test" cut to see if it cuts through the paper only, if not, decrease your blade depth and thickness setting.


8- Send to your Silhouette.  If it says "registration mark detection failed.  You simply have your printed material too low on the mat.  Remove it and place it a little higher and try again.


Once you are done... score and fold in half, punch your holes and add to your binder! 


For questions or help.. please let me know!  Enjoy!  <3 data-blogger-escaped-p="">

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