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Add those magical Videos to your LAYOUTS!

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That's right you read that correctly... add videos to your layouts! We will be using QR codes which any smart phone or tablet has an app to read!  I have been doing this for years and I am so thrilled to share my quick and simple process with you! 

Let's start with a question that I get asked A LOT.. "How do I know that in 10 years the QR code will still work?"  Well a QR code is a series of dots that withhold information, specifically website information, much like a barcode in a store.  If you use the proper web info and keep the links to the video short they will never be "outdated" and at worst if in 20 years I am lying to you, you will still have your video on YouTube so you can just push a little button and the holographic version will play!  Imagine the princess Leia calling for help... I would be ok with that too! ;)

Ok so let's get started! 

Step 1:  Create a YouTube account, if you don't already have one. **Note: I am choosing YouTube because the links are often super short and i have the option to publish or make things private, the longer the link the more complicated the QR code is and the potential for misread later**  

Step 2: Upload your video to this account.  Here is the kicker... I choose to make my video "Private.. only those with the link can view"  this way my cute little baby dancing in her diaper to Doc McStuffins ins't cruising around the web or found under some random search.  This is KEY for me, may not be for you but this option keeps it hidden so only anyone logged in or scanning the QR code can view the video!  

**You can do all of this from your smartphone as well, just use the YouTube app, and then the QR stuff website.**

Step 3: Once your video is done loading copy the link and then head on over to and upload the link.  Once you are here you can even choose a color to match your layout...say what!  YES, it is true!  (You can see below that I changed mine to green!) 

Step 4: Open your QR code from your Downloads file on your computer, size, and print.  

Step 5: Add it to your layout or journal card! 


I hope that you find this helpful and add plenty of those cute clips to your pages!  For questions or help please comment below!  

~Happy Scrappin~  



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