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Digital Planning: Part 1 - The basics

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Let me start this story by saying I had seen something inspiring on FB which led me to an Instagram account which led me to another IG account which led me to a hashtag and on and on this goes somedays and when all of a sudden *BOOM* I saw this post by @flamingoplanner about a digital planner.  Surly not, this is silly, it looked JUST like an Erin Condren this could not be.... say what! 


Well the rabbit hole went on, all.  Night.  Long!  I was fascinated... I LOVE my planner, I kind of love buying all the supplies and funsies for it too (psssst, don't tell my probably reading this husband that last line!) Then life happens, I have to work, or I have to go somewhere, or good grief I want to watch Netflix and want to watch it on the big TV so tracking upstairs is just not desired....  or what if we go on a trip for the weekend?  In order to "plan" I have to bring:  stamps, ink, pens, washi tape, stamp blocks, my mini photo printer, photo paper, pencils to color in stamps, stamp cleaners... wait what, this is ridiculous, I didn't even grab the bulky planner or the satchel yet!  My husband is going to kill me for packing a second suitcase full of stamps!  


Ok, so enough rambling. 


Here's the basics you *need*  just like any endeavor it can be sort of costly to start.. but after that the savings on tangible supplies cease to happen meanwhile this continues to produce! 


This does work on iPhone, however, in my trials the screen is much smaller than an iPad, so clearly it makes things a little more difficult to decorate and doll up, but it is doable!  Especially if you use a stylus!  



*iPad (and stylus- I am using the Apple Pencil, it is AMAZING) 



  Goodnote or other PDF reading and editing app (for Android devices check here the     MetaMoJi app even states that Digital scrapbooking is an option in this app cool!) 

  Keynote: Optional and only necessary for some parts of the decorating and changing of    items process. 

 Dropbox: I followed the Dropbox instructions on the iPad and computer to link my accounts and make it a seamless transition to add things to and from computers / iPads! 



*the iPlanner this in my opinion was shockingly expensive, but when you think about the uses and longevity of the project, it boils down "not so bad."   I also think that she is the only one who currently creates these digital planners, so for now, there is no competition in price.  To get the planner (and maybe other goodies) you will need to purchase from:  Digitally Speaking.  The good news is that if you buy a planner now you get all of 2017 free!  So that was an added bonus for me! 


Getting started: 

1- Download the Goodnotes app. 

2- Sync your Dropbox (or start a Dropbox account) to store and move files. 

3-Update Keynotes on your iPad

4-Acquire your iPlanner. 


Once you acquire your iPlanner you will need to save it into Dropbox, and import it into Goodnotes. This is super easy.  Just click the "+" sign on the top left, select "import" and bring in your iPlanner from Dropbox.  




Now that you have your iPlanner I personally chose to save a back up to iCloud.  


A few things to note... if you start clicking away and nothing is happening you need to turn "off" the pencil tool, what you're doing is making tiny marks by drawing and not navigating.  



To navigate between pages and items all you do is tap + hold different aspects of your planner, the mini calendar will take you to the year over view, any tab will take you to the month, and then you swipe left or right to turn pages. 


There are tabs at the top that allow you to have personalized sections for notes, or addresses, or just doodling.  :) I will show you what I am using mine for in a later post ;) 


A few notes: 

1.  This is NOT my ingenious idea, I am NOT claiming to be the all knowing guru of these planners.  If you look around all of the info I am giving you can be found... but I am trying to save you the research and frustrations I felt going back and forth and searching.  And trying to eliminate the "trial and error" phase that technology so often provides. 


2. Sandy from Digitally Speaking has many videos you can watch... I personally don't have 56 minutes to watch her digitally create a week and not have my questions answered so I am attempting to alleviate that process for you.  They have good information, but I would rather create for that hour than watch her slowlllllyyy teach these items. 


3. ANY digital supplies that you have you can use... This is awesome.  Those super summer kits you bought!  BOOM planner ready.  Those cute digital planner stickers you planned on printing and cutting... no need to print and cut now, just crop and go!   The possibilities are endless!  


This post was quite silly and babbling, but I wanted to establish some info before we actually got started... see post #2 on how to get "pretty" 





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