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Digital Planning: Part 2 Building your week

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I want to first explain how I use my planner, (if you don't want to read this story skip down to "So you have your planner, Now what?" I don't do it like most people.  In 2012 I jumped on the Project Life bandwagon... by March I had fallen off.    In 2013, I started it again with high hopes and good intentions.  By late February I was doubled over in morning sickness and that was the end.   So comes 2014... yes I got this!  I didn't even make it through January!  UGH.  When the planner craze hit and I went to CHA in 2015 I fought it, I was like "yeah, no way... I have too much going on in my crafting to add another facet to it...! Never gonna happen!"  And then I went to the MAMBI booth where they had pictures in the planners, and journal cards, and stamps and stickers... it was like a mini scrapbook!  I was so excited, this was my new "project life" quick and easy to document, no need to spend hours or days on a layout, jot notes, who was where and what we did and then in like a bajillion years when I can sit down to do my albums be it Project life or just pages, all the info was right there at my finger tips!  


Thus began a new rabbit hole and spiral of money spending and time sucking... so as you can imagine, baby #2 in 2 years arrived and there was little energy for stamping and coloring in tiny images and rummaging around for basketball stickers or printing itty bitty photos... so guess what? I fell off of the wagon again.  I felt like this was mostly because of the amount of supplies this uses.... (see basics post for the list that never quit!) 


The reason for this long explanation is because you won't see me teach you how to write out endless lists, or stamp "cancelled" across an event, I don't cancel things because this is a "memory planner" for me.  I like to make these mini pages of my daily life until I can sit down and make an actual page of whatever event.  All the details are here as a foundation for me to move forward, sometime around 2053 I am guessing ;) 


Ok so on to the actual planner... thanks for sticking this through! 


You have your iPlanner... "Now what?" 

There is an app that allows you to open and use zipped files on your iPad, it's called "File explorer" in the iTunes store, but it's quite extensive to get it done versus Dropbox.  If you want detailed instructions here is a site to walk you through that:  iPad Lettering 


I am going to start with a blank slate and walk you through a layout from beginning to end!  

Step 1: place files into your Dropbox that you are going to want to use.  Everything from papers to PNG embellishments and so on... I am using my kit from SIU that was a freebie in July of 2015.


Open your calendar to the week you want.... First let's cover the headers to the sections.  


Hit the plus sign in the circle on the top left.  Select "Image" and then choose your Dropbox account. You can use any JPG or PNG file.  



Since I chose a 12x12 paper I will need to crop this... you need to be in edit mode which means that there are blue dots on all corners and then a green dot on top.  If you are not in edit mode... tap and hold down and select edit from the pop up menu. 



Tap and hold the image and select crop... here you have to "eyeball" about how big to make your square.  Drag the bottom dot up to about what feel like the width of the border. Adjust if needed by either undo or crop option again... and voila!  


The next part is easy... IF you want to use the same tape piece for all simply use the lasso tool next to the "no pencil."  Lasso part of the image, and then hold down, to copy.  Then click anywhere on the page and hold down to select "paste" 



After you have your border, you have to do the opposite side... I personally think (after typing and teaching you this) we did it backwards, you should do the longer side first and then copy and paste that and crop it shorter, rather than having to complete this whole process twice!  #oops


Now to add in some png elements.  Same process simply use the circle and plus sign, add in just like the paper and decorate.  You can see below I added my typical photos. 



Now it is time to add in some journaling and write.. this is where the stylus comes in- and I LOVE it!  

Simply click the pen on the paper tool on the left side: 


Now see that little blue box?  you can move it anywhere you want on the page, and it will zoom in so you can write easily and quickly. 


Here I added my notes and journals.  


There are a few things to note... the Digitally Speaking website mentioned before has a pretty good selection of add-ons, at a hefty price compared to what you can get at the same amount from any of our well known digi stores... but you can add literally any png or jpeg file to your spread.... so if you have "digi stamps" it is easy to import and use them.  To recolor.... well that is post #3! Coming soon. 


But you can see here it is quite easy to build and begin your planning or planner keeping.  


So far pros and cons: 


*Everything at your finger tips.  

*Quick and easy to do anywhere, anytime. 

*If you mess up, UNDO. 

*Keep it simple or keep it busy... your choice.



*It is NOT photoshop.  I often want to add something "under" a photo or put down an image and then  realize that it should be "below" or on top of something else.. you can't change that.  You have to delete the element you want on top, place the "under" and then replace the "on top" of.... kind of weird you can't just move up or down.. but ok. 

*Every time you want to move something you have to tap and hold edit... tedious.  BUT I also find this to be a pro, you aren't going to "accidentally" delete or move anything!  And let me tell you with the children I have literally running around it is nice to have seen my 2 year old get my iPad when i was capturing the 1 year old and see that she didn't demolish all of my information! 

*It is new and it is a learning curve... so be patient.  


Have fun and enjoy... follow me on instagram for layouts and ideas @Planitup365


Stay tuned for part 3- recoloring elements using Keynote and adding stamps, yes your PHYSICAL stamps to your planners!  :) 



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