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CHA 2015 Updates: Day 1

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CHA updates....  What blew my mind and what I wanted to share: 


*note...I'm doing this from a hotel room on my iPhone so please forgive any nuances the app / phone decide to throw in there!*  ENJOY!! 


1) Biggest mind blow of the day... We all know I love glitter and shiny things. so I was super excited about seeing the heidi swapp "Minc" in action... But the retail price tag had me going *whomp whomp whomp* and then like a magical fairy Scott from iCrafy deco foil showed up in my life... Are you ready?? I don't think you you... Are you...!?! 


IT IS JUST A GIANT PAPER LAMINATOR... Say what the what..? He even said "Get the one from michaels that is like $49.99 and use a coupon."  Yes... And HIS foils work on...  FABRIC, with regular liquid Glue, an awesome dilute adhesive for chipboard... And yes of course I can laser print ANYTHING and use it in the machine.  For more details or specific info.  PM me..  :) 





Other honorable mentions...

-hazel and Ruby has some awesome new washi tape, and it's bigger than your head!! It goes on books, walls, in frames whatever.  You use your awesome copics (or even sharpies) he said and write / color them

In!  They have black chalkboard calendars and planning ones for the house... Use a chalk marker and erase. After several uses it gets mucked up so just change it out from the roll! 





Of course dah-ling ❤️❤️


-Dyan Reaveley is amazing... She is just super awesome and fun and oh so inspiring. She has new paints coming out (in Feb like everything else) that are just *kisses hand like an Italian* MAGIC!!  You could apply the paint and within 30 seconds she would flip the page and use left over paint on the dauber for another page!!  It was mind blowing to see her work so efficiently and quickly.  The paint was smooth and clean... One gal even tried it as makeup...ha I'm kidding. But she did go to smell it and ended up with it on her nose, so should you ever feel uninspired go ahead paint your face!  ;) 





Her best moment "Don't think about it... All your stencils work the same.  The paint the same, your hands the same... They are there just use them and do it" 




-Maggie Holmes has a new collection "Confetti" it's beautiful... But as awesome as it is alone (to my own heart be true... GLITTER!) there was this adorable wood veneer 12x12 frame that we were already planning decorations for!  Check it out!  



Clear stuff, and glitter, and tassels oh my!! 




-Spellbinders dies... These usually leave a lot to be desired with me personally.  They just never grabbed my attention.  But the new releases coming out... Wow, just wow.  It's a whole new look and audience I feel! Fun, fresh, useful in so many projects.  The ones I loved were the 4x6 dies (pictured here) that were die cut and embossed.  Perfect for any card or pocket page as is...loved the banner display they made!!!  *swoon* 







-Art Anthology: for my mixed media peeps.  Was BEAUTIFUL!  The have some new stuff coming out.  In their mixed media / texture line they have a product called "Mud" that is light and smooth dimensional product.  Add paint or most to it for color and... Boom!  Use with stencils or just spackle it on your work area.. Good stuff.  I mention it though mostly because it is lightweight AND flexible.  I struggle with finding a medium I can use on tags and cards that won't crack if I choose to mail it or add it to a page where it will often end up flipped through in an album.  So this was a huge bonus. Plus of course they have new sprays "Fairy dust" so pretty and some stuff called "gem stones" that add a colored lacquerish coat, that of course is color matching to their paints, on projects.  It was a small booth packed with a huge oohs and AHHs and even some great gals!  


And we were told a very top secret secret... She used a tuna can for the center... So funny!!!   


As I always say "nothing in crafting is garbage."  This proves to me I am not using ALL of my resources, bwahaha! 






-I met and chatted with Shimelle, she is just as adorable as you would imagine.  And her line is pretty sweet!  I do have to say just chatting with her was the icing on the cake though, until she stepped around the corner and was wearing Dorothy's Ruby red pumps!  *swoon* so cute!  And I did learn... Yes she is from Kansas!  Everyone now... "Awe!" 



Of course a quick pic of the shoes: 


Some things were just as the usual... Nothing too shocking color wise.  A LOT of the gold and even silver foils all over.  Keep riding that trend vendors, it's beautiful.  (PS... Anything but the bird fad... Eek gads!)  The planner fad is HUGE almost everyone is doing it... So if you love it you're in luck.  I really liked Me and My Big Ideas line, although their "binder" was not my style...  The addins and choices were cute.  If you don't love it, well too bad they are going to be shoved down your throat until you look into the spinning black spiral and fall into the trap like everyoe!  Ha!  


Stay tuned for more on day 2 here at CHA...! Thanks for stopping by!! 


Oh yeah... And this happened: ;)

 Gotta love the hubby!!  

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