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Bokeh Technique

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Good afternoon! Today's bokeh technique is brought to you by the one and only, wonderful Stacy Buller. She made this card and I basically begged and pleaded with her to teach us all! So here we go... enjoy, and Thank you Stacy! <3 For this technique you will need: Watercolor paper 3-4 colors of Distress inks, including Picket Fence (although in the video that inspired this she used a Mixed Media white ink by Colorbox) 1- Cut your watercolor paper to the desired size. 2- Spritz paper with water making sure it is nice and wet. 3. Rub your distress…
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Coloring Medium Comparison

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Recently I came across a feed in my Facebook for those Chameleon color changing markers, and though I have been fighting the urge for over a year I finally caved in. Let me explain. When I was at CHA in January 2015, I was NOT into planners, stamping and coloring. I was NOT into or had even ever tried a Copic marker. I was a "stamp with black ink and call it good" kind of a card stamper. (yeah yeah... lazy I know) Since then that has all changed... so after many reviews and questions about products and "what do…
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Add those magical Videos to your LAYOUTS!

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That's right you read that correctly... add videos to your layouts! We will be using QR codes which any smart phone or tablet has an app to read! I have been doing this for years and I am so thrilled to share my quick and simple process with you! Let's start with a question that I get asked A LOT.. "How do I know that in 10 years the QR code will still work?" Well a QR code is a series of dots that withhold information, specifically website information, much like a barcode in a store. If you use the…
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On the 10th Day of Christmas

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... We bring a new gift to thee..... Come on sing it with me now?? Who has carols pumping through the house and their tree up? Now that we are in the spirit let's round the bend and get our cards done and out the door! I'm BACCCCKKKK!!! And today I bring a quick tutorial on how to add and change out drop shadows! In this tutorial I am using CS6 version, in PSE you can follow along in most versions until I separate the shadow onto a new layer. In older versions of PSE you cannot put the shadow…
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Day 2: 12 Days of Christmas 2014

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Hello! Today I am here with my Christmas card for sketch and template #2 on the route for the 12 days of Christmas Cards and Tutorials! Here is the card I made using CS6 digitally with the template and then I printed it out both the card and envelope so they are ready to send off! In this tutorial I will show you how to use one of my favorite techniques to align your elements and perhaps photos and mats perfectly and quickly every time! I will show you screen shots from PSE 10 since that seems to be the…
So you have a Silhouette machine...WOOHOO! Let me guess, unless you buy the item from the Silhouette store to cut out it doesn't get used much right? WRONG...! I am going to help fix the fear factor in using your Silhouette! I know I was there too... "Wow there's a lot of buttons.. what do they do?" "How do I make these things that people are posting on their blog / pinterest?" "Change the settings... yeah, um, no thank you!" "Well I tried that and it didn't work... I'm just going to stick to quick simple cuts." Sound familiar? I…
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Week 1: Make Your Own Embellishments

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Each week we are going to use bits and pieces to include scraps to make our own embellishments. No need to spend upwards of $3.99 for all those cutesie embellies on the shelves! We are perfectly capable of making just as unique items that actually fit the pages we are making rather than buying and hoarding the bits and baubles that are all the rage. Follow along with me during the month where we will cover using your punches, stamps, and random letters to make 30 different beautiful embellishments! All of these embellishments are super fun and easy. I wanted…
So you have all of these amazing journal cards, now what? We have been working hard on challenges and ways to use your journal cards other than the pocket style scrapping. Check out our list and examples below: 1) Print on them... skies the limit here. Print journaling, pictures, doodles, clip art. Use this handy tutorial and PSE template on how to orient your cards and make for super quick printing! 2) Use them as mats for photos or backgrounds for embellishing. In this example I have added some embellishments to some mini 2x2 journal cards as the page decoration.…
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How to Print on Journal Cards

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Hello all! I get this question so many times: "I have all these journal cards... Now what?" or "I hate my handwriting, how can I print my journaling onto my cards?" Well I am here to solve all of your problems. In this tutorial we will be using Photoshop to make a template and then easily print out our stories onto our plethora of hoarded cards! Step 1: Create your template (You can use this over and over again!) I have included my template for your use below! -Open a "New document" as a standard 8.5x11 paper. Step 2: If…
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How to Recolor Digital Elements in your Kits

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One of the most common questions I get asked in the digital world is "How can I recolor a button or flower from my kit to match my page?" You may be asking "Why would anyone do this?" Well sometimes there is a button from a particular kit you loved the design to but sadly that button is from a different kit. Or maybe the designer has four different flowers in your kit but for this page you wanted a pink flower because you used the blue background paper and they only made yellow, blue, green, and black flowers for…