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How to Recolor Digital Elements in your Kits

One of the most common questions I get asked in the digital world is "How can I recolor a button or flower from my kit to match my page?"  

You may be asking "Why would anyone do this?"  Well sometimes there is a button from a particular kit you loved the design to but sadly that button is from a different kit.  Or maybe the designer has four different flowers in your kit but for this page you wanted a pink flower because you used the blue background paper and they only made yellow, blue, green, and black flowers for the kit.   

Well I made a quick 2 minute video to show you two completely different techniques to change the color of elements to match your pages.  

**Please note that recoloring items from a digital kit to match for personal use is ok, however recoloring and redistributing elements from a designers kit is breaking copyright rules and can / will get you in a lot of trouble. So please use this information properly!**



I hope these two quick tricks helps you out!  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!  

Happy Scrappin' 

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